19 Nov 2022 Admin Istrator 0 CBSE - Standard 6-8 Maths, science



Game-based learning is a learning trend with an increasing attraction in today’s classrooms. At its core, game-based learning applies learning principles incorporated in the gaming industry in educational settings. The purpose is to enhance students learning and create optimal learning experiences in and out of classrooms. The highly competitive activities gear towards engaging students and motivating them to learn better.

There are tools to develop the games and books to introduce the game learning in the classroom. As it is known that kids are now use to the gadgets and their more time is spend on gaming activities or if not watching videos.

With game-based learning, we can provide the curriculum knowledge while they use the gadgets for gaming. Again learning through activity is more power full. Same concept they play again and again helps them to grasp in depth. 

Video games can be used for subjects like mathematics which generally is disliked subject. Now if Algebra is taught through games, student will grasp it much better and will be fun in learning.

I will follow up more on this topic in upcoming blogs.

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BY: Admin Istrator